Red Rooster – Shoreditch

Red Rooster – Shoreditch

Already well established in Harlem, New York, Red Rooster has been brought across the pond by acclaimed chef Marcus Samuelsson. Think American soul-food with a few nods to Swedish cuisine (Samuelsson was raised in Sweden), as well as great decor and a lively atmosphere!

Red Rooster Cookbook in the hotel lobby

The restaurant is situated inside the swanky, new(ish) Curtain Hotel in Shoreditch. I was a bit early so waited in the hotel lobby where I was pleased to find a copy of the Red Rooster cookbook for to flick through, giving me a preview of what was to come.

I feel like I should know who this is, but I don’t…

Loving the RR print!

The main restaurant is downstairs, where you’ll be greeted by vibrant pieces of artwork on every wall. I found the interior design and decoration to be one of the standout things of the whole experience. The restaurant has a very “cool”, artsy vibe. We were seated to the left of the bar area, where there is plush cushioned seating and rustic wooden tables.

Left-hand side of the restaurant, where we were seated

Right-hand side of the restaurant, where you can see the semi-open kitchens

Main food menu

I was spoiled for choice when it came to starters. We ended up sharing the chicken and waffle combo. I don’t know what they put in the sauce, but it was DELICIOUS! I wish we’d gone a bit crazier on the starters so we could try more of the dishes- they all sounded great (shrimp and grits would have been my second choice).

Our starter – Sammy’s chicken ‘n’ waffle

I was less inspired when it came to the mains, and so ended up playing it safe with the burger. I loved the chips but the burger was a little too well done for my liking. Although I did still enjoy it, I think I would choose something a bit more adventurous next time.

Speaking of adventurous… if you come here with a group you MUST get the BIRD ROYALE FEAST. Comprising of an entire fried chicken along with various sides, this is one dish that comes in with a bang! (Or at least a GIANT sparkler). You won’t regret it. Picture at the bottom of this post!

Live music to entertain us while we ate

My main – The Lenox Smash Burger

Medium rare steak – “tasty and cooked well”

The service was very friendly and our waitress happily helped us with drinks recommendations. It may have been a little slow at times, but as soon as the live music got started, I didn’t really notice at all!

Finishing off with dessert

The desserts surprised me the most. In a place like this, I usually expect the sweet items to be a bit of an after thought as all focus is on the savoury courses. Not here! I was really blown away by my dessert. Not only did it look beautiful, all the elements on the plate were so well thought out and complementary. I absolutely LOVED it, as did my sweet tooth!

Baked Alaska – “impressive”

My dessert – the Rooster Princess Cake

Here’s where the Swedish twist came in. A Swedish Princess cake (“Prinsesstårta”) is something I enjoy normally (or at least the Ikea version!) and so couldn’t resist trying Red Rooster’s version. It was less cake and more dessert (the vanilla mousse was delicious and went so well with the raspberry sorbet), but still paid tribute to the traditional version with a strip of green marzipan. Perfect way to end a great meal!

Favourite dish: Rooster Princess Cake
Good for: a fun dinner with friends
Location: Shoreditch
Website: Red Rooster


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